DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacements

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DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacements

Compensation for Hip Replacement Injuries

Too many people in the past several years have experienced serious problems resulting from DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement surgery. Because this product was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in regular use, everyone thought it must be safe. However, this product has caused serious medical problems and even wrongful death to its users since its introduction into the marketplace.

At Galligan Reid PC, our Iowa DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement attorneys have a wealth of experience handling injury claims that result from defective DePuy hip replacements. Our firm has been helping injured clients like you and making our community a safer place for more than 25 years. Helping you recover — physically, personally and financially — is our No. 1 concern. Further, bringing successful claims against DePuy will help prevent the company from putting unsafe products on the market in the future, which makes it safer for everyone.

Problems With DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacements

Similar to the ASR hip replacements, DePuy Pinnacle hip replacements have caused many problems for unsuspecting patients since their introduction to the public. Many people who have had Pinnacle hip replacements surgically implanted have experienced:

  • Serious pain and discomfort
  • Infections and poisoning of the infected area
  • Costly and painful revision surgery
  • Dwindling ability to stand, balance and walk

The most common cause of these problems is metallosis, a medical condition that results from small amounts of metals being introduced into the body. As patients walk and make other movements, metal components of the implants rub against each other, leaving microscopic shards of metal in the process. In addition to the direct problems caused by these metals being introduced into the body, the patient’s immune system will inflame the area to destroy the foreign bodies, which results in greatly increased pain and discomfort, as well as swelling and the possibility of infection.

If you have suffered serious injuries from a DePuy hip replacement, we can help you obtain full and fair compensation.

Nurse Consultant on Staff

In addition to the free initial consultations we offer our attorneys, you can meet with the nurse consultant we have on staff, so you will leave our first meeting with a better understanding of your injuries as well as your legal rights and options. Having medical professionals on staff also helps us with case investigation and estimating damages in litigation.

Depuy Hip Recall Attorney

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