Injuries Caused by Medtronic Products

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Injuries Caused by Medtronic Products

Medtronic is the largest medical device company in the world. It has created many products that have helped people with serious physical limitations, but it has also created many unsafe products that have worsened patients’ conditions. Often, victims of Medtronic’s dangerous products feel like they have no recourse. The company is huge and well-funded, so people feel like they do not stand a fighting chance in a personal injury lawsuit against the company.At Galligan Reid PC, we have more than 25 years of litigation experience, including a track record of success against Medtronic. We focus all of our attention on helping injured clients, to help them obtain compensation and to make Iowa safer for everyone. Our Iowa Medtronic Infuse attorneys take a personalized approach to each client’s matter. We will work with you to understand your situation and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Dangerous Medtronic Products

Medtronic is the world leader in medical device product manufacturing. With such a large output of medical devices, it is not surprising that this company is also among the world’s leader in dangerous devices. Just a few of Medtronic’s devices that have been linked to serious medical complications include:

  • Pacemakers and heart monitors
  • Defibrillators
  • Neurostimulators
  • Shunts

Infuse Bone Grafts Injuries and Side Effects

The Infuse Bone Graft is one of the most commonly problematic medical devices manufactured by Medtronic. This product is used in spinal surgeries and has been linked to a wide variety of negative side effects, including increased risk of:

  • Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • Respiratory failure
  • Erectile dysfunction and sterility in males
  • Bone dissolution
  • Increased pain in the back and legs
  • Suffocation and other forms of wrongful death

If you have lost a loved one or suffered serious injuries from use of Medtronic’s Infuse, injury attorneys from our firm can represent you in a personal injury or wrongful death suit to obtain the compensation you deserve. Further, every time we bring a successful claim against a company like Medtronic, we make it less likely that the company will produce such dangerous products, which makes it safer for everyone.

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