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Des Moines Iowa Personal Injury Attorneys

Fighting for a Safer Iowa — Through Legal Action, Education and Negotiation

Galligan Reid PC is a focused personal injury law firm with more than 25 years’ experience seeking justice and fair compensation for Iowans from border to border. Our dedicated trial lawyers have proven their skills in state and federal courts, as well as many arbitrations and mediations, obtaining millions in compensation for the injury victims and families we have represented.

Our attorneys and staff are united in a commitment to making Iowa communities safer through our work, and we do this by exposing negligence and fighting for our clients’ rights in courtrooms and negotiating rooms statewide. We help the injured and grieving recover, and many of our cases also lead to positive changes in corporate and individual behaviors that impact safety.

Versatile, Accomplished Lawyers for Your Case and Your Cause

At our firm, you will meet personal injury attorneys who are caring and personable, as well as experienced and knowledgeable in the law. Our team of professionals also includes a full-time nurse case evaluator, always available to discuss your injuries and treatment.

We command the respect of insurance adjusters and other attorneys who know we prepare each case for trial, and are always ready to go the distance. We gain an often critical edge for our clients through our use of advanced case management and trial presentation software.

You can talk to us about what happened to you and the overall impact of a car accident, other motor vehicle wreck, use of a dangerous, defective product or work accident. If you are concerned about nursing home abuse of your loved one or believe you may need to take action for medical malpractice, our firm can be your proven, results-oriented resource.

Educators, Safety Advocates and Proven Trial Attorneys

We take action on many fronts in our efforts to promote a safer Iowa. Please view our Safety First articles for important information that can help people and communities.

From a central location enabling personal attention to clients statewide, our Des Moines, Iowa, personal injury lawyers stand ready to help you by thoroughly evaluating your claim and offering legal guidance with integrity.

Free Consultation: 800-217-9312

Contact us today at Galligan Reid PC. Your recovery, a just outcome and a positive overall impact on public safety are all priorities when we pursue litigation.

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