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Iowa Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you or a family member has cancer, or your loved one recently lost a battle with cancer, it may be reasonable to question whether this aggressive disease should have been caught earlier by doctors. We promote proactive and preventive health care for all — but some people become victims of negligence despite their efforts to get the health care they need.

Des Moines Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Attorneys: Experienced, Thorough Investigation of Suspected Medical Mistakes

Our medical malpractice lawyers are here to help if you have reason to suspect that an Iowa physician failed to recognize symptoms, failed to order timely testing, misinterpreted oncology tests, failed to follow up on a potential diagnosis or otherwise allowed cancer to advance.

With over a quarter of a century as a respected law firm in central Iowa, we have built an exceptional network of physicians and other experts to work with us in evaluating your potential case. We will take into account many factors and variables as we determine whether a lawsuit is appropriate, and if so, proceed to build your case according to your real economic damages and human losses.

Did a Delay in Diagnosis Limit Treatment Options?

Our statewide Iowa failure to diagnose cancer attorneys are prepared to take action for lost chance of survival if a family member has died or your own cancer has now been diagnosed as terminal. Our experience and capabilities extend to any type of cancer, including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, melanoma/skin cancers and other forms.

We know that the vast majority of physicians and health professionals across Iowa are skilled, hardworking and dedicated. When mistakes that can cost lives occur, however, it is essential to delve into what happened and how. As we seek just compensation for you, we also hope to have a positive impact on the quality of care others receive in the future.

Please request a free appointment today with one of our caring, experienced medical malpractice lawyers.

Iowans Representing Iowans

When you approach us, we do not think it is unusual for you to feel scared or intimidated by the legal process. Retaining a law firm to protect your interests is no small matter.

We appreciate the gravity of your situation. For that reason, we commit to delivering our services to you with our hallmark candor.

Working with us, you will know exactly where your case stands. We have built our firm on the solid foundation of our relationships with our clients. Your case will be no different.

Our approach means you can depend on our judgment from your very first meeting with us. We do not just accept representation on a given matter for the sake of doing more legal work. Instead, we carefully work with you to evaluate your case.

How Do We Evaluate Your Case?

Evaluating your case is the first step of the larger medical malpractice legal process. During this first phase, we want to determine if pursuing a lawsuit really does serve your best interests.

We answer that question in part by determining if the cost of the case is outweighed by the benefits. Often this question can be answered in large part by whether the simple expenses of the case can be recovered from the defendants.

There is more, however, to be considered than the finances. Your emotional and mental well-being and that of your family and loved ones are also considerations. A lawsuit can be a long journey. You do not want to embark on that journey underprepared.

What Happens Next?

If we can advise you that a lawsuit is in your best interest, we can then begin representing you. Representing you means you can depend on us to deal with any insurance companies or opposing attorneys.

We can also start then on building your case. We do this by gathering evidence through a variety of methods made available to us under the law. This phase is called discovery.

During discovery, we also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. We keep you up to date on any and all offers. We also help you understand the offers and whether they are good or not.

If negotiations do not best protect your rights, we are well-positioned to represent you at trial. Reid Law Firm has tried cases successfully against some of the nation’s largest private interests, often in highly visible disputes.

Schedule a Free Appointment to Learn More

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have more questions about how we can help you. Free initial appointments are available. Call us at 800-217-9312 or reach us online.

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