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Iowa Negligence Lawyers

When negligent care in a hospital causes a wrongful death or severe injury, liability for damages may rest with the hospital itself rather than any specific physician.

Des Moines Negligence Lawyers

In this very serious situation, it is important to work with an experienced Iowa hospital negligence attorney and a law firm equipped to assess and handle your potentially complex claim. At Reid Law Firm, physician and hospital negligence are clear focus areas, and we have built a track record of positive results for our valued clients statewide.

Nursing Errors — Medication Errors — Staffing Issues — Unsafe Conditions

Depending on a range of circumstances, nursing errors and many medication errors may represent hospital negligence. Emergency room errors — such as a failure to promptly treat a serious condition — are often the hospital’s responsibility. The hospital may also be financially liable for the mistakes of anesthesiologists and some other doctors.

In addition, many critical decisions impacting hospital care are made at an administrative or corporate level. Investigation of a potential medical negligence case might demonstrate that:

  • Staffing levels — in an emergency room or for floor care — are inadequate to properly monitor and care for all patients
  • Doctors or other staff handle duties beyond their credentials, or obtain credentials without proper training and experience
  • A hospital-acquired infection resulted from negligence by hospital staff
  • A patient should have been promptly transferred to another hospital better equipped to treat his or her serious condition

Decades of Experience Assessing and Pursuing Medical Malpractice Claims

At our firm, we want to help you gain peace of mind about what really happened and obtain the compensation you need and deserve. Our skills as case builders and trial lawyers are key assets for people who deserve compensation for their economic and personal losses.

Please request a free consultation today to talk with a caring Iowa negligence lawyer about your situation and legal concerns. We want to be a source of support for you in this difficult time.

We Do Not Rush You Off to Court

Galligan Reid PC carefully evaluates your case before recommending that you pursue a lawsuit. Lawsuits involve a heavy investment of time, money and emotion. Therefore, we do not recommend lawsuits casually.

If we do evaluate your case and determine that we can indeed recommend that you pursue a lawsuit to protect your rights, you will know that we believe in you and your case. We advance you the costs of the lawsuit and only collect a fee if we recover compensation for you. This kind of arrangement is called a “contingency fee” arrangement.

Decades of Experience in Working With Our Fellow Iowans

Our years of work representing seriously injured Iowans across the state have taught us that the law is about people. For that reason, we consider our commitment to each individual client to be a main reason for our success.

That commitment to each individual means that we will guide you through each phase of the process. If you are like many clients (if not most clients), then you are at least confused right now, even scared. Contacting a law firm for representation is not something people take lightly.

For that reason, we want you to know that we are your resource now for all of those questions. On your behalf, we communicate with the insurance companies and their attorneys. We gather the facts of your case and prepare you for any discussions you may have with opposing counsel. At every step, any insurance adjusters or attorneys have to speak with us.

Opposing counsel and the insurance companies know who we are. They know our record for success at trial in some of Iowa’s most visible medical malpractice cases. As a result, they take our representations during litigation seriously. All of that makes it more possible for us to maximize your just and fair compensation for your injuries.

You Are Our Priority

Our concern for our clients starts before they ever contact our firm. Ideally, our website’s safety tips can help make it unnecessary for people to have to contact us in the first place.

Further, we work hard to thwart the so-called “tort reform” efforts touted by corporations and insurance companies. Those private interests euphemistically call their efforts “tort reform” when in fact they are trying to limit the rights of the injured to a full and just compensation. You have probably heard of these limits when people have urged the use of “caps” that limit their financial and legal liability for injuries.

Do not let them fool you. Our country’s personal injury legal system has led to innumerable advances in public safety such as safety standards in the workplace, in automobiles and in litigation concerning cigarettes.

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