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Iowa Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Des Moines Misdiagnosis Attorneys

Many diseases and conditions that can be treated effectively if diagnosed early can have catastrophic outcomes when allowed to progress without intervention. We place our trust in doctors to recognize symptoms, order the right tests and take our health concerns seriously. When they fail to do so, the financial and personal consequences are often severe or fatal.

Suspected failures to diagnose cancer or other progressive, life-threatening conditions call for serious, thorough investigation. If you believe a physician or others involved in your medical treatment were negligent, we encourage you to put our firm’s quarter century of medical malpractice to work on your behalf.

Analyzing All Aspects of Your Physician or Hospital Negligence Case

We are experienced Iowa misdiagnosis lawyers prepared to thoroughly evaluate your potential case involving:

  • A late diagnosis of advanced cancer, coronary artery disease or another progressive illness that proper testing and follow-up should have revealed much sooner
  • Serious emergency room errors, including failures to recognize stroke or heart attack risk, an infection such as appendicitis, a brain injury or other serious health issue
  • Failures to diagnose and properly deal with life-threatening post-surgical complications

Working with qualified independent physicians and other experts, our firm is prepared to deal with the most challenging and complex medical malpractice cases. It is critical in these situations to consider all circumstances and gather credible opinions that negligence occurred and a more timely diagnosis could have changed the outcome.

Contact a Proven, Respected Iowa Law Firm for Counsel and Compassion

If you are coping with a poor prognosis or the wrongful death of a family member due to a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, the medical malpractice insurer and others are likely to vigorously defend against any lawsuit.

Your case may require trial-proven attorneys prepared to go the distance in seeking just compensation that can ease your financial concerns and help support your family. If you are seeking answers, justice and the recovery you deserve, please turn to us for a free consultation on your needs and legal options.

When Time Is of the Essence, Turn to Reid Law Firm

The legal process can often slow to a grind. For that reason, you want to rely on a law firm that understands that process. We know you need to recover compensation for past medical bills related to your condition as well as for expenses you will incur in the future as a result of the delayed diagnosis malpractice.

We also know that evidence and memories disappear with time. Evidence needs to be gathered now.

Our decades of experience mean we can hit the ground running in your case. We understand how to keep cases moving and even expedite them whenever possible.

How is that possible? We can do that because we bring decades of experience from litigating and trying some of Iowa’s most significant injury cases.

Our cases regularly involve some of Iowa’s most significant private interests, including insurance companies and large corporations. We have the resources you need to fight your battle against these powerful interests.

For that reason, we advance costs on your case when we advise you to proceed with a lawsuit. We put our resources at your disposal.

Further, we only collect a fee if we recover compensation for you. This kind of fee agreement is called a “contingency fee.”

Are There Caps on My Recovery?

While reading about your case online, you may have come across something called tort reform. In fact, you were probably reading about tort reform if you read any articles about caps on damages.

At Reid Law Firm, we want you to know that we vigorously fight these efforts by private corporations and insurance companies to deny you your full and just recovery. We consider their so-called tort reform efforts to be attempts to compromise your personal safety in order to pad their own profits. This kind of exchange is simply unconscionable.

Reach Us for Guidance in Your Delayed Diagnosis Matter

If you are thinking therefore that you cannot fight to recover the fair and just compensation you need as a result of a delayed diagnosis, contact us first. We will help you understand your rights and what legal options are available to you under your circumstances.

You can make a free initial appointment by calling us at 800-217-9312 or by contacting us online.

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