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Iowa Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Radiology and other forms of imaging technology have become indispensable in the diagnosis of a vast range of life-threatening diseases and other serious medical conditions. When radiologists or others misread images, misinterpret test results or fail to properly communicate those results, consequences for the patient can be catastrophic.

Des Moines Medical Malpractice Lawyers

At Reid Law Firm, our accomplished lawyers stand ready to evaluate serious cases of potential medical malpractice anywhere in Iowa. We know from past case experience that many failures to diagnose cancer and other serious conditions in a timely manner can be traced to radiology and pathology errors. Our respected, long-standing law firm has the proven ability to recover substantial compensation for victims and their families.

Did Physician or Hospital Negligence Prevent or Delay Effective Treatment?

Radiology errors and other test-related mistakes may come to light through a medical provider’s admission — or only through skilled, detail-focused investigation after the fact. These costly errors can take several forms, including:

  • Misreading of X-rays, CT scan results or magnetic resonance images (MRIs), leading either to a failure to diagnose an illness, injury or risk (such as a potentially malignant tumor) or a mistaken diagnosis and unnecessary surgery
  • Communication failures between radiologists, lab technicians, pathologists and others — such as failures to view test results at all or call attention to key observations
  • Mix-ups of different patients’ test results or other serious and costly administrative errors

Taking Action for Victims of Test-Reading Errors and Failed Communication

In a time when cost-cutting and increased patient throughput are priorities at most hospitals and clinics, many facilities rely on remote services to read radiology images and process laboratory samples. In some situations, this introduces a greater likelihood of error — as do workloads requiring some radiologists, for example, to view hundreds of images per day.

Please contact us for a free initial appointment if your case may call for an Iowa radiology error attorney with extensive medical malpractice knowledge and trial experience. Our legal team is prepared to investigate every aspect of your claim, calling on quality medical experts as necessary to determine if your doctor or hospital should be held accountable for damages to you and your family.

Reid Law Firm: Iowans Protecting Iowans

Our decades of experience in serious injury matters, however, mean we work to protect our clients in and out of the courtroom. This protection begins with safety at home. Ideally, we can hope you never need our services in the first place. If you have already worked with us, then we hope you never need to meet with us again.

Outside of the home, it also means being aware of how legislation affects the rights of the seriously injured people here in Iowa. We want you to learn how very powerful interests are currently working to limit the rights of the injured under the guise of helping the economy. Perhaps you have heard the phrase “tort reform” or “caps” with respect to how much financial compensation can be provided to victims of horrible accidents.

Those are terms used by corporations and insurance companies who wish to limit unfairly the amount that injured parties can recover. Those limits would make it easier for those corporations to calculate how much a human life is worth and then make that calculation simply a cost of doing business.

We Can Help You Make Sense of the Legal Process

Should you need to work with us after you have been injured, we remain committed to helping you. We know you are more than just a legal issue to be analyzed, so we treat you the way you deserve to be treated: as a person.

To that end, you will know that when you have questions about the legal process or about how the law applies in your case that you will be able to ask our seasoned legal professionals. We will guide your feet every step of the way through every phase of your case, including:

Initial case evaluation: We do not simply send you to court to file your lawsuit. We only advise you to pursue a lawsuit if we can determine that a lawsuit will best serve your goals and needs.

Communications: You do not need to talk with the insurance company anymore. Let us handle that. We know them, and they know us.

Discovery: Our firm begins preparing your case from the very beginning, gathering necessary documents and information from the other side and asking the questions that need to be asked.

Depositions: If the other side interviews you under oath, we are there to prepare you and to protect your rights during the discussion itself.

Negotiation: The insurance companies know we are ready for trial whatever the outcome of any settlement negotiations. We leverage that knowledge to help you maximize your fair and just compensation.

Trial: Trial is not our only tool for resolving your case, but it is most certainly one of them. Our experienced trial team knows how to litigate highly visible cases against the country’s largest corporations and insurance companies. If we advise you to take your case to trial, you will know you are receiving guidance from attorneys well-versed in the ways of the courtroom.

Whatever way we advise you, you will rest easier knowing you are in the hands of attorneys who hold decades of experience in some of the most serious injury cases in the state of Iowa. At Reid law Firm, we take our identities as Iowans as seriously as you take yours.

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