Prescription Drug Errors

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Prescription Drug Errors

Medications are intended to help — not harm. When doctors prescribe the wrong drugs or a pharmacy fills the wrong prescription, the consequences can be serious.

Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers — Fighting for a Safer Iowa

For more than a quarter of a century, the trial lawyers of the law offices of Reid Law Firm have been advocating on behalf of injured people. If you or someone you love has been injured as the result of a prescription drug error, we have the skill and experience necessary to get the results you deserve in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Protecting People Injured by Prescription Drugs

Contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. From offices in Des Moines, we serve clients throughout Iowa.

Effectively Addressing All Types of Errors

We provide experienced legal representation for people who have been injured as the result of mistakes related to medication. These injuries may arise as the result of a wide range of errors.

  • Doctors may not advise clients of drug interactions, or may prescribe medications without considering other medications a patient is taking. Doctors may prescribe incorrect dosages, causing the medications to be harmful rather than helpful.
  • Pharmacists may fail to advise clients of the proper dosage or practices for taking medications. Pharmacists may misinterpret a doctor’s handwriting, thereby offering a patient the wrong prescription drug.
  • Hospitals may not administer the proper dosage of drugs, or may mistakenly confuse one patient’s intended medication with that of another patient.
  • Nursing home negligence is another common cause of prescription drug errors. Nursing homes are often understaffed, and the employees may be overworked or undertrained. Staff responsible for administering medication may not understand drug interactions, or may provide prescription drugs without adequate supervision.

Our trial lawyers are equally passionate about obtaining justice for injured people and preventing future harm by working to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. We will fight to protect your rights and to ensure a safer Iowa for generations to come.

To discuss your legal concerns with an experienced lawyer, contact our Des Moines personal injury law office through email or call us toll free at 800-217-9312.

Your Safety Is Our Concern

Our ultimate goal, though, is to make your world a safer place. We do that in part by helping you hold accountable those parties legally answerable for your injury.

We also do that by providing our clients with tips and recommendations designed to keep them safe when they are not working with us. We offer those tips here on our website.

Aside from these online tips, we work hard to preserve your rights in the legislature as well. Our efforts are usually with respect to something euphemistically called “tort reform.” The proponents of so-called tort reform are the corporations and insurance companies trying to limit the rights of the injured to full and just compensation.

You can recognize someone is talking about tort reform when they begin discussing caps on financial compensation. A cap would limit how much a liable party would have to pay in compensation to a party they injured.

Such a cap would allow corporations to calculate human life as a cost of doing business. Instead, we regularly urge legislatures to retain the current system of personal injury law that has proven so successful at protecting human life and at bringing about real change in corporate behaviors.

We Put You First

Our “people first” approach has enabled us to provide the compensation so desperately needed by so many people. By working closely with our clients, we gain the information and perspective necessary to build a successful case strategy.

We carry this case strategy for you through every phase of your case. Starting from the beginning with your case evaluation, we help you understand how the law applies to your case and how we plan to position your case best for a judge and jury to understand.

When we evaluate your case, we really do evaluate it. We do not advise you to pursue a lawsuit just so we can do legal work. We will only advise you to pursue a case if we can deliver the genuine legal opinion that a lawsuit is warranted given your circumstances and your goals.

Our candor in advising you also means you will know that we believe in your case. In fact, we only accept payment from you if we recover compensation for you. Moreover, we advance you the costs of your case.

When we agree to represent you, we handle all communications for you with the insurance company and any opposing counsel. At all times, we are preparing your case for trial.

The insurance companies and opposing counsel know how we operate. They know we are preparing your case for trial.

As a result, when we make representations during any negotiation, the other side will know to take them seriously. At all times, we work to maximize your fair and just recovery.

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