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Iowa Elder Abuse Lawyer

Any properly trained caregiver for the elderly and incapacitated should be highly aware of the seriousness of bedsores. The names bedsores and pressure sores may not immediately suggest life-threatening conditions, but the presence of these sores — also sometimes called decubitus ulcers or skin ulcers — can lead to severe and even deadly infections.

Des Moines Pressure Sores Attorneys

Bedsores can result from leaving a nursing home resident in the same position for extended periods. Poor hygiene and skin care, along with inadequate nutrition and/or dehydration, may impede an elderly person’s ability to resist or fight off infection. This serious health problem is preventable through adherence to reasonable standards of nursing home care.

Exposing Nursing Home Negligence to Help Victims and Improve Care Statewide

At Reid Law Firm, our lawyers believe from past case experience that nursing home neglect and abuse are more widespread than most people realize. The elderly and disabled across Iowa deserve far better, and we take on challenging cases in order to hold violators accountable and promote more effective enforcement of laws protecting nursing home residents and their families.

Our investigation into the bedsores case that concerns you may reveal systemic negligence within a facility or corporation, as well as negligence by individual staff.

In many situations, only a well-prepared lawsuit to hold the responsible party financially accountable is enough to force improvements in staffing, patient monitoring and other critical aspects of nursing home care. If you are seeking an Iowa bedsores attorney experienced at trial and in negotiations, our firm can be your resource.

Discuss Your Concerns and Legal Options in a Free Iowa Elder Abuse Lawyer Consultation

Prevention of bedsores is a reasonable expectation for most nursing home residents. If you or a loved one has developed a “rash” you believe to be bedsores, please do not simply accept the condition as a normal consequence of age and inactivity. Instead, contact us to discuss nursing home conditions and your likelihood of success with a lawsuit for nursing home negligence.

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