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Large retail outlets such as Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and Hy-Vee seek to keep prices low by serving as both warehouses and consumer shopping facilities. Merchandise kept on high shelves above display shelves should be properly secured to prevent risk to staff and customers alike. Unfortunately, serious injuries caused by falling merchandise are regular occurrences in big-box stores and sometimes in smaller stores, as well.

Was the falling merchandise incident truly a “freak accident?” Or were safety procedures ignored or circumvented by store personnel in a hurry? In retail outlets open 24 hours a day, the presence of forklifts in the aisles while shoppers are in the store is inevitability. Most retail outlets, even if they are open all night, will do most of their stocking during hours when few customers are present. Nonetheless, accidents do occur — and when they do, the injured parties typically need financial help to cover medical bills and acknowledge pain and suffering.

Your life will be changed forever if you suffered a brain injury or a back and neck injury in a falling merchandise incident at a retail store. You and your family owe it to yourselves to seek the most ample compensation available to help you cope with a life of disability that lies ahead. Talk to a lawyer to learn how to protect your rights and maximize your options.

The good news is that many disabled people live rewarding lives. Proper monetary resources can help make this possible through support of the equipment and services that you will need to live as independently as possible after a serious injury.

Iowa Traumatic Falling Merchandise Injury Attorney

Reid Law Firm offers a free consultation in your home or hospital or in our premises liability law offices in Des Moines. Falling display? Personal injury attorneys at our law firm are prepared to get to the bottom of why you suffered a serious injury or why your loved one was killed in a store by falling merchandise.

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