Protecting The Victims Of Negligence In Iowa

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Protecting The Victims Of Negligence In Iowa

At Reid Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa, our attorneys have been fighting to make Iowa safer for more than a quarter of a century. We are statewide Iowa personal injury attorneys who have helped many people obtain the compensation they needed after accidents caused by others’ negligent or reckless actions.

Des Moines Personal Injury Attorneys: Taking Action for Iowans and Improving Public Safety

Our legal team is equipped to fully investigate and litigate complex, high-value injury claims and guide victims through every aspect of their efforts to recover. In addition, our law firm works actively to educate the public about unsafe practices and prevent future injuries. We do this through our efforts in targeted personal injury lawsuits, and also by providing safety information and resources to our clients and friends statewide.

Experienced Trial Lawyers for Victims of Accidents and Negligence

We deal with all types of injuries, from traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage to fatal accidents and wrongful death. We can help you pursue serious injury litigation against even the largest corporations. Our lawyers know how to choose the right legal approach for Iowans harmed under a broad range of circumstances. We will skillfully assess all aspects of your case, including evidence required to prove liability and demonstrate the full impact of a catastrophic event on your life. Our areas of practice include:

A Human Approach, Backed by Extensive Legal Accomplishments and Resources

Our Des Moines personal injury attorneys have dedication and decades of experience that enables us to accurately evaluate legal claims and effectively advise our clients. Our reputation for skill and integrity throughout the legal community allows us access to highly qualified and credible expert witnesses.

When we take a case, that means we believe in that case and will deliver our best, most determined effort for you. To discuss your concerns free of charge with one of our trial attorneys, please contact our office today.

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