4 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

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Nursing home abuse, while not common, is certainly tragic. Elderly or disabled individuals in nursing homes are unable to care for themselves in some manner, and they are often unable to communicate problems to someone else. If a loved one is living in a nursing home, it is important to appreciate the signs of abuse or neglect in order to help the individual as quickly as possible. If you find that your loved one is not being cared for properly, contact our Des Moines nursing home abuse attorney to have them guide you through this process.


Some important warnings signs include:

1: Your Loved One Isn’t Clean

Nursing home employees must help infirm residents bathe or shower at least once a day to prevent skin problems such as infections. In addition, a disabled or elderly individual must have clean bedding, bathroom linens and clothing to maintain adequate health standards. The bedrooms and common areas of a nursing home must receive daily cleaning with removal of trash, mopping, and vacuuming.

2: Loss of Weight

While in a nursing home, a senior citizen should receive three meals a day to maintain her overall health. If a senior citizen is unable to feed herself, then a nursing home employee should assist the senior citizen with the process. When a senior citizen is losing weight quickly, it is possible that the nursing home is not supplying the appropriate meals to provide the right amount of nutrients.

3: Changes in Mood

If a nursing home resident seems fearful around the nursing home’s employees, then he may be suffering from mental abuse. Additional changes in mood such as depression or anger are possible when a senior citizen is being mistreated with verbal threats in a nursing home.

4: Physical Problems

When a senior citizen has unexplained bruises or bedsores on her body, it is possible that she is being physically abused or neglected. Contact a Des Moines nursing home abuse attorney who can conduct an investigation concerning the mistreatment of a senior citizen.


At the Reid Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa, Attorney Timm Reid wants you to know that you have an attorney on your side that has the expertise and experience necessary to help you care for your loved ones legal as well physical and emotional needs. Contact our office today to schedule a confidential case consultation.