Does Mediation Make Sense for Our Situation?

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Though there are a large number of benefits to be gained from engaging in mediation as an alternative to litigation, not everyone is familiar enough with the process to make a truly educated decision. Therefore, before determining whether mediation is a wise choice in a given matter, it pays to review some of the advantages with a trusted Iowa mediator and lawyer.

First of all, mediation does not entail the type of extended, formal discovery rules and procedures by which litigants are bound. As a result, the traditional obstacles and restrictions on information gathering that so often vex the parties to a lawsuit are eliminated. This fact often generates a far more open exchange of relevant facts than might otherwise occur, not to mention one that costs far less to achieve.

Another extremely important aspect of mediation is the ability of the parties to retain a strong measure of control over the outcome of the matter at hand. Those who are initially hesitant to the idea of mediation often worry that an Iowa mediator may attempt to sway one party or the other to ignore considerations of self-interest simply to reach a compromise. However, in all mediation scenarios, determination of whether or not resolution is possible outside of court lies solely with the client. In this way, control is held by those most interested in the result and not turned over to juries or judges.

Finally, mediation in all its forms strives to produce a final outcome that is totally voluntary on the part of those who engage in the process. Because the parties have willingly entered into this manner of dispute resolution, by definition they have concurred as to the importance of collaborative problem solving. Those who leave the negotiation table with the impression that an Iowa mediator helped them be meaningful participants in resolving their disagreement tend to feel much more satisfied than those who believe they had no choice but to settle due to the cost and stress that accompanies formal litigation.

Even though most mediations occur outside of the court system, the assistance of an experienced attorney remains an important piece of the puzzle for all parties to a dispute. A seasoned lawyer with the Reid Law Firm stands ready to guide clients through each step of the negotiation process, ensuring that their mediation is conducted appropriately, effectively and fairly.