Common Motorcycle Accident Causes & How to Avoid Them

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Many Iowans are looking to enjoy themselves as summer months continue to warm up, especially motorcyclists. Sadly, motorcycle accidents are all too common, and it is never a good idea to manage them on your own. Des Moines Iowa personal injury lawyer, Attorney Timm Reid, knows how important riding is to you, as well as your safety. Here are a few tips from Reid Law Firm regarding common motorcycle accident causes and how to best avoid them:

1) Do your best to ensure other drivers see you. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is due to other drivers merely not paying attention well enough to notice you in their blind spot. Waving or making eye contact and nodding may seem overly friendly, but it may prevent an accident that costs you your life.

2) Check terrain before proceeding to ride if the road does not appear to be safe. This seems obvious, but you may be surprised how many motorcycle accidents occur due to a minor quality issue beneath the wheels.

3) Keep your motorcycle in great condition. Most motorcycle owners take amazing care of their motorcycles, which works to keep them in perfect condition while helping to prevent accidents simultaneously.

4) Make sure you know your bike well enough to handle it in more difficult situations. There are times where an animal may jump out in front of you as you ride, causing an accident that may lead to catastrophic results for you, your motorcycle, and the animal. Knowing how to best handle your bike in rare instances will help to make sure you can manage to avoid an accident if the incident happens in real life.

Motorcycle riding in Iowa is fun but may be somewhat dangerous for those who love to ride. Here at Reid Law Firm, we know how valuable riding your motorcycle is to you, and also how to best protect you if there is a personal injury case to file. Des Moines Iowa personal injury lawyer, Attorney Timm Reid, is here to help protect you in the unfortunate circumstances of a motorcycle accident. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.