Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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Auto accident claims in the state of Iowa can be difficult legal tasks when an accident case goes to court, especially when the respondent insurance company is claiming the plaintiff is at least half responsible for causing their own injuries. Iowa is one of the few states that uses the 50% bar comparative negligence standard. With this standard, if the injured is 50% at fault they still collect 50% of their damages. Only when the injured is more than 50% at fault do they collect no damages. This can be a problem in an accident case involving two vehicles and the crash was caused by both, which is a very common occurrence. This situation also means that auto accident claims are often denied routinely by Iowa insurance companies, leaving the injured parties no alternative but to drop the case or contact an experienced Des Moines IA personal injury attorney who understands how to craft a case for a successful outcome.

What Auto Accident Attorneys Can Do

Police authorities always investigate accidents on the state highways resulting in serious injury. There will typically be an accident investigation report to follow, explaining what the reconstruction officers found. However, investigations can be cut short and not necessarily conclusive regarding what transpired, which could impact the case significantly. A private personal injury attorney can conduct an independent investigation in greater detail that may result in evidence missed by the official investigators. A personal injury attorney can also negotiate with the respondent insurance company claims adjusters when a settlement can be reached before a full trial.

Potential Damage Awards

Successful auto accident cases will typically include compensation for medical bills and lost wages when they apply, along with recovery for physical property damage for automobile owners. General damages for non-economic pain-and-suffering are also available in most cases, especially when the injuries are serious and result in long-term damage. The total amount of insurance benefits available can be reduced for drivers based on the comparative negligence percentage assigned by the court, but passengers commonly receive whole benefits for all injuries, including general damages for pain and suffering.

Contact Reid Law Firm

All auto accident cases in Iowa can be difficult and highly contested. Never attempt handling an injury claim personally because they can be much more valuable that you realize. Always call Reid Law Firm, a Des Moines IA personal injury attorney, for a free full evaluation of your injury case potential.