Hurt at Work? How to Get Compensated

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When you’ve been injured in the scope of your employment by a foreseeable risk, the general rule is that workers’ compensation benefits are your sole remedy. Those benefits are typically limited to your medical expenses, temporary total disability, and any permanent partial disability. Under Iowa law, you’ll need to give your employer notice of the injury within 90 days of the date thereof. Iowa injury Attorney Timm Reid, at the Reid Law Firm in Des Moines, recommends that your notice of injury should be in written form, even if the accident that you got hurt in happened right in front of your boss.

There are times when people are at work, and they get hurt through the carelessness and negligence of an employee from another company, especially on construction sites. For example, Chris from Christensen Carpentry might suffer a severe electrical shock as a result of the negligence of Edward from Ellison Electric. That’s what’s known as third-party liability, which opens up another form of compensation under the law of negligence. Along with the damages compensated by Iowa workers compensation laws, the law of negligence will allow Chris to seek compensation for damages like pain and suffering, loss of a normal life and even emotional trauma.

Iowa allows a third-party claim or lawsuit to be brought at the same time that a workers’ compensation claim is pending. In order to optimize your chances for being compensated in such cases, you’ll want to retain the services of an experienced and successful workers compensation and personal injury lawyer. You can contact Iowa injury Attorney Timm Reid, at the Reid Law Firm in Des Moines, for a free consultation and case review. His objective is to maximize any compensation that you might receive for your injuries. He’s going to listen carefully to you and answer your questions; he will also advise you of your full range of legal options. If you retain him as your attorney, no legal fees will even be due unless he obtains a settlement or verdict for you.