Pros of Having Local Counsel

The benefit of a local attorney operates in the best interests of clients who live here in Des Moines and were injured in an accident in or around Des Moines. Having a local injury attorney in Des Moines also operates in the best interests of an accident victim who lives 1,000 miles away and got hurt while visiting here. In either case, Timm Reid is a Des Moines injury attorney at the Reid Law Firm, and he has developed a strong reputation for achieving excellent results for his clients.

Des Moines Area Residents
It isn’t unusual for the attorney and client relationship in a personal injury case to last for two years. For example, look at an ankle fracture with a surgery. It can take six to nine months from the date of the accident until reaching maximum medical improvement. If a lawsuit is filed, the schedules of both the court and all of the opposing attorneys must be considered. It might be 18 months before the case comes to trial. Given the necessary client involvement over that time, it’s far more convenient for an injury victim to retain respected local counsel with a strong history of positive results.

Residents of Other States
If you’re from another state, and you were injured in Des Moines or anywhere else in Iowa, it’s likely that you’ll need local counsel. An attorney can’t just jump state lines. It’s unlikely that an Arizona attorney will be licensed to practice law in Iowa. It’s also unlikely that he or she will know Iowa procedure, evidence, opposing attorneys, court personnel and judges. Retaining Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm as your Des Moines injury attorney will give you the home field advantage. He’s respected by insurance defense lawyers and judges alike, and he’ll make your involvement in your case as convenient as possible.

No matter where you live, contact local injury attorney Timm Reid in Des Moines as soon as possible after any accident to arrange for a free consultation and case review. You’ll want the home field advantage.