4 Tips for Avoiding a Car Accident

As they say, the best defense is a good offense. When it comes to avoiding a car accident, this old adage rings true. Let’s look at four of the top tips for avoiding a car accident:

#1 Avoid the fast lane

Did you know that most of the car accident cases we see here at the Reid Law Firm involve cars traveling in the fast lane? By staying to the right, you have the option of pulling onto the shoulder or moving into another lane if another car starts having trouble ahead of you.

#2 Keep your vehicle in good condition

How does it drive in rain? Do the brakes respond quickly? Are the tires showing signs of wear? Taking good care of your car and making sure it can react properly if you need to turn the wheel sharply will help you avoid an accident and thus avoid a trip to talk with a Des Moines personal injury attorney.

#3 Be aware of and avoid blind spots

When driving your car, always be aware of where your blind spots are and take steps to minimize their impact. Make sure your side mirrors are in a position to see what is traveling alongside you. Also, be aware of where the blind spots are on vehicles around you. Attorney Timm Reid advises staying out of the blind spots on semis especially.

#4 Always remain alert

Don’t get distracted when driving. Avoid cell phone use or playing with the music channel. Know what is happening with the traffic all around you, not just the car ahead of you.

These tips will help you avoid having an accident. However, if you are in an accident, you need an experienced Des Moines personal injury attorney at your side. The Reid Law Firm is here to help. Attorney Timm Reid brings over 25 years of experience to every case. Contact the office today to begin building your defense.