Dealing with a Defective Product? Why You Need an Attorney

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People are injured by dangerously defective products every day. Iowa law allows those injured victims to seek compensation for their damages through product liability law. It is a complicated and difficult area of personal injury law to work in. Attorney Timm Reid is a Des Moines product liability attorney at Reid Law Firm. You can turn to him in the event that you are seriously injured by a dangerously defective product. 

Types of Dangerous Defects 
As per Iowa law, there are three types of dangerously defective products. Those defects are categorized as follows: 

  • Design defects from the drawing board or blue prints that make all of the products of a certain model dangerously defective.
  • Manufacturing defects when there are no design issues. A manufacturing problem will result in only a few of the products being dangerously defective.
  • Marketing defects when issues present themselves with regard to warnings and instructions involving a product that might otherwise help consumers from suffering injuries when using the product.

What is known as strict liability might apply in cases involving injuries suffered from products, but over the years, insurance defense attorneys have created viable defenses to product cases. When strict liability does apply, a product’s manufacturer, distributor wholesaler and retailer can all be held liable for injuries suffered from a defectively dangerous product. 

If you were seriously injured by a product, contact Des Moines product liability attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm. You can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation with him. He is going to listen to you closely and answer your questions. After that, he will advise you on your full range of legal alternatives. No legal fees will even be due without a settlement or verdict on your behalf.