Victim of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect? How an Attorney Can Help

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Placing an aged relative under the supervision of a nursing home is never easy. These are people that you care very deeply about and don’t want to abandon. You may suffer feelings of inadequacy or guilt that can grow even worse if you suspect they are being abused or neglected. 

What Can You Do if You Suspect Your Loved One is Being Neglected?
There are several signs that you need to be on the lookout for. If your relative is suddenly uncommunicative or unresponsive or begins to look tired or fatigued, you should get help immediately. If they seem to have lost weight or are not interested in eating, this is another sign of possible neglect.

If they suddenly have unexplained bruises, cuts, or bed sores, this is a definite sign of abuse that you need to put a stop to immediately. Your best bet is to get the help of a qualified team of Des Moines nursing home abuse lawyers from the Reid Law Firm.

Contact the Reid Law Firm to Put a Stop to Nursing Home Neglect 
If you suspect or have evidence that your relative may have suffered abuse or neglect, you need to call in a team of expert Des Moines nursing home abuse lawyers. You can count on Attorney Timm Reid to get to the bottom of the matter and hold the guilty parties to full account. 

The sooner you act on your suspicions of abuse or neglect, the better. The health and wellness of your elderly relative may be at stake. Get in touch with Attorney Timm Reid to get them the help they need to end their needless suffering at the hands of incompetent or negligent nursing home staff. The time for you to act is now. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help you and your loved one.