What is the Timeline for My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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If you have been injured due to the negligence of others and filed a personal injury lawsuit, you are eager to see it conclude. With mounting medical bills, lost wages from being unable to work, and never-ending pain and suffering, gaining compensation is at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, most personal injury cases are complex, thus resulting in lawsuits that take months or even years to settle. If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about its timeline, turn to Des Moines IA personal injury attorneys at the Reid Law Firm for guidance.

Medical Treatment/Attorney Consultation
In these situations, getting medical treatment for your injuries and speaking with an attorney are done immediately following the accident. In many cases, attorney Timm Reid will meet with you in the hospital if necessary, which can speed up the process of filing the lawsuit.

Filing the Lawsuit
Once the lawsuit is filed, it can take several months to gather the necessary evidence and responses from a defendant, their attorney, and insurance companies. Generally, once the Reid Law Firm serves the necessary documents to a defendant, it can take 60 days or perhaps more for them to respond, especially in very complex cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Also known as mediation, this stage is where Des Moines IA personal injury attorneys use mediation in an attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement. More often than not, this technique works, especially if your attorney has overwhelming evidence against the defendant. In these situations, it will be cheaper for an insurance company to pay a reasonable settlement, rather than risk a jury trial where they may be ordered to pay much more to the victims.

Since these cases can be time-consuming and complicated, rely on the services of attorney Timm Reid to help ensure your legal rights are protected throughout your lawsuit.