When to Bring a Lawyer onto a Premises Liability Case

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It is rarely a good decision to handle a premises liability injury claim personally. They can be very contentious legal matters that could easily result in being bargained out of a significant portion of potentially whole damages. Insurance claims adjusters are keen to recognizing when they can convince a claimant that a lawyer is not necessary without directly making the statement. When this is happening, they will assuredly make a low-ball offer that falls well short of the total value for general long-term damages and include a clause for no responsibility regarding future medical bills. A signature will end any further claim possibility. Having an experienced legal representative like attorney Timm Reid from Reid Law Firm Des Moines IA premises liability attorneys means all aspects of the claim will be addressed for maximum compensation.

Red Flags in an Injury Case

Other red flags beyond eagerness to settle a claim quickly can include requests for extensive documentation or suggestion of technicalities in defending a claim. Iowa implements modified comparative negligence with a 51% bar for financial recovery, which can encourage insurance companies to deny a claim and force it to court for a jury determination on comparative fault. This is a sure sign you will need aggressive legal counsel for an equitable settlement.

Never attempt handling a premises liability claim without at least consulting with a legal professional because the claim could be much more valuable than realized. Iowa residents should contact attorney Timm Reid at Reid Law Firm Des Moines IA premises liability attorneys for solid representation.