Private v Public Premises Liability Cases: What You Should Know

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private and public liability case

Premises liability injury cases are not all the same, as the location of the accident and the conditions that created it are essential in each case adjudication. The rules for proving a claim are the same, but there are a few differences that can affect the final outcome. Nuances in the law can impact a case dramatically, and all cases are typically defended strongly. These factors mean that it is always necessary to have an experienced legal representative like attorney Timm Reid from Reid Law Firm Des Moines IA premises liability attorneys handling the case.


Premises liability claimants are classified as either an invitee, licensee, or a trespasser in most instances. Public property claims are usually valid for those who are not trespassing or on public property after operational hours. Licensees are service workers such as postal delivery or police officers and are always acceptable when performing official job responsibilities. These stipulations can apply in both public and private claims, and trespassers are not always denied benefits if their fault level is minimal. But, assumption of personal risk can be a much more valid defense in trespasser cases.

Filing Periods

The acceptable filing period for a public property case could be much shorter than a standard private property case when a government agency responsible for the property has set a standard policy for all claims. Sometimes this window can be as short as 30 days, so it is very important to contact Des Moines IA premises liability attorneys as soon as possible following an accident on public property. This condition actually applies to private property cases as well because time is important in establishing fault for any claimable injury. However, private property claims use the standard statute of limitations.

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Never attempt representing your own premises liability case. Technicalities can matter, and attorney Timm Reid from Reid Law has the knowledge to craft a case for maximum financial recovery based on all case particulars.