4 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

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nursing home abused

When your elderly loved one first moved into a nursing home, you might have hoped that the nursing home would provide adequate care for him or her. Now, though, you might be concerned that things aren’t going well. In fact, you could be worried that your loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, nursing home is a real concern. It’s something that you should always watch out for, even if it does not seem like anything is wrong. These are a few common signs of nursing home abuse that you can watch out for.

1. Unexplained Visible Injuries

First of all, you should keep your eye out for unexplained visible injuries. As Des Moines nursing home abuse lawyers would tell you, bruises, broken bones and other visible injuries should be taken very seriously.

2. Broken Glasses

In some cases, elderly individuals who have been abused in a nursing home setting have broken glasses. This could be a sign of a struggle.

3. Signs of Fear

If your loved one seems afraid of the people who are supposed to take care of him or her, you should not ignore the fear. As Attorney Timm Reid would tell you, you should take any accusations or signs of fear very seriously in these cases.

4. Signs of Restraint

If you notice any signs that your loved one might have been restrained, such as if he or she has been restrained by bed sheets, then it should be an immediate red flag that abuse could be an issue.

If you notice any of the signs above or if you otherwise think that your loved one might be a victim of nursing home abuse, do not hesitate to contact a team of Des Moines nursing home abuse lawyers. Attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm would be more than happy to talk to you about your case, so call Reid Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.