Trucking Accident Do’s and Don’ts

If you are still alive after being hit by a vehicle that is 70 feet long and weighs 80,000 pounds, it is likely that you suffered serious injuries. Given their size and weight, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, garbage and other large trucks are required by law to carry insurance that is far in excess of that of an ordinary driver. The truck driver will immediately call in the accident to his or her trucking company, and in turn, the trucking company will immediately call its insurer. That is when the insurer will dispatch one or more investigators to the accident scene. It will be the job of any investigator to try to push some or all of the blame for the crash over onto you. 

Attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm is a Des Moines trucking accident lawyer. His advice to injured trucking accident victims is to call 911 right away. After that, get seen at an emergency room. Then, contact his office to arrange for a free consultation and case review after being injured in any trucking accident in or around Des Moines. 

The opposing insurer’s investigators are going to want a recorded statement from you as soon as possible after the crash. It is strongly recommended that you refuse to give any type of statement to them at all. They already know what happened and how it happened. They are professional investigators, and they only want to try to use your own words against you in the future. Politely refuse to give any type of a statement. Instead, contact Des Moines trucking accident lawyer Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm. 

Take Timm’s advice to preserve and protect your rights. Report the crash to 911, get to an emergency room right away and do not give any type of a statement to an investigator or opposing insurer. Then, talk with Timm. Call his office today to schedule a consultation.

People are injured by dangerously defective products every day. Iowa law allows those injured victims to seek compensation for their damages through product liability law. It is a complicated and difficult area of personal injury law to work in. Attorney Timm Reid is a Des Moines product liability attorney at Reid Law Firm. You can turn to him in the event that you are seriously injured by a dangerously defective product. 

Types of Dangerous Defects 
As per Iowa law, there are three types of dangerously defective products. Those defects are categorized as follows: 

  • Design defects from the drawing board or blue prints that make all of the products of a certain model dangerously defective.
  • Manufacturing defects when there are no design issues. A manufacturing problem will result in only a few of the products being dangerously defective.
  • Marketing defects when issues present themselves with regard to warnings and instructions involving a product that might otherwise help consumers from suffering injuries when using the product.

What is known as strict liability might apply in cases involving injuries suffered from products, but over the years, insurance defense attorneys have created viable defenses to product cases. When strict liability does apply, a product’s manufacturer, distributor wholesaler and retailer can all be held liable for injuries suffered from a defectively dangerous product. 

If you were seriously injured by a product, contact Des Moines product liability attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm. You can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation with him. He is going to listen to you closely and answer your questions. After that, he will advise you on your full range of legal alternatives. No legal fees will even be due without a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

A city the size of Des Moines is going to see car accidents on a daily basis. In some of those accidents, people are injured. The good news is that if a person is seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, that victim can be compensated for his or her damages. 

Attorney Timm Reid is a Des Moines IA car accident attorney at the Reid Law Firm. With his help, you can pursue the compensation for your car accident injuries that you deserve. Every case is different. Some accidents and injuries are more serious than others. Here are some of the personal injury damages that he might be able to pursue on your behalf. 

  • Medical bills reasonably expected to be incurred in the future.
  • Lost earnings resulting from the accident and earnings reasonably expected to be lost in the future.
  • Any permanent disfigurement.
  • Any permanent disability.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Diminished quality of life.

An innocent victim of a motor vehicle crash should not have to endure the financial and emotional consequences of an accident without quality legal representation. With Timm Reid at Reid Law Firm, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while he pursues the compensation that you deserve. 

Make sure that you report your accident to 911. Then, seek medical attention immediately. It is recommended that you do not provide the opposing insurance company with any kind of a statement after an accident. Iowa law does not require you to do that without an attorney being present. Contact Des Moines IA car accident attorney Timm Reid to arrange for a free and confidential consultation on your personal injury claim. You do not need to bring a penny with you. No legal fees are due unless he obtains a settlement or verdict for you.

Winter brings holiday cheer and changes in the weather, but it also brings new kinds of accidents. Attorney Timm Reid explains what they are and how to get reimbursed for your injuries if you are involved in one:

Reid Law Firm sees many different types of winter accidents. Some are unique to the season such as slip and falls on snowy or icy sidewalks or people being struck by falling holiday decorations on a windy day. Winter snow and ice can also bring an increase in common accidents like car crashes and indoor slip and falls in puddles of melted snow tracked in from outside. 

Like any accident, a Des Moines accident attorney will look to see what caused a winter accident. Drivers, property owners, and others have a duty to act in a safe manner and to prevent dangerous conditions in public areas that they control. When someone does something that is unsafe or fails to correct an unsafe condition on their property, they may be legally responsible for any injuries that happen as a result of their action or inaction. 

Of course, many people will deny responsibility for an accident because they do not want to have to pay damages. If you have been involved in an accident, you should contact a Des Moines accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will explain the evidence that you need to collect and how to document your injuries and costs. 

To make a claim, you would usually first go to the responsible party to see if they are willing to settle amicably. If they are not willing to pay or have their insurance company cover the claim, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get reimbursed. 

If you have been in a winter accident and want to learn more about how to begin your claim, contact Reid Law Firm today.

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed when the plaintiff believes that the negligence or wrongful acts of another person or party caused the death of their loved one. Wrongful death is a broad term that includes cases based on medical malpractice, car accidents, and products liability. A wrongful death case may be filed in Iowa, even if a criminal case is being prosecuted as well.

State statutes control who may sue in a wrongful death case. A wrongful death case may be filed in Iowa by the administrator of the deceased person’s estate, the surviving spouse and minor children, the adult children of a deceased parent and the parents of a deceased minor or adult child.

The claim must be filed within two years of the death. If the plaintiffs wait too long to file a case, the case may be barred by the statute of limitations.

Hiring a wrongful death attorney in Des Moines can make a huge difference in your chances of winning your case. Wrongful death cases are more complex than many other types of personal injury lawsuits, like a minor car accident. A jury needs to understand exactly what caused the death as well as the amount of losses the family has suffered. This is not the type of case that you want to handle on your own.

In some cases, the defendant will dispute liability. This is very common in medical malpractice cases because most medical providers do not want to admit that they made a mistake. An attorney can help your family prove that the defendant is responsible for your loved one’s death with expert testimony.

An attorney can help you pursue your case aggressively. In cases that involve a lot of money like a wrongful death case, insurance companies may wait to settle. An experienced lawyer can help you fight for justice. If your loved one has died as a result of someone else’s negligence, call Reid Law Firm. Attorney Timm Reid is an experienced wrongful death attorney in Des Moines. Contact Attorney Timm Reid at Reid Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

If you have been injured at work, you may be facing a long recovery time, as well as costly medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. You may even be facing the prospect of needing to switch jobs or file for disability if your injury was severe. An attorney experienced in worker’s rights law may be able to help you file a claim for compensation.

You may be eligible for compensation if your injury was work-related. Most injuries that occurred suddenly are clearly work-related and should be covered. Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance carried by employers that is intended to cover costs like medical bills and lost wages. There are strict rules a worker must follow to receive coverage, like promptly reporting the incident and filing out a claims form.

In some cases, a worker’s compensation claim may be denied. A common reason for denial is that an employer claims that an injury was not work-related. This happens most frequently when an injury is the result of stress over a long period of time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If your claim has been denied, a Des Moines IA injury lawyer may be able to assist you with the appeals process and filing a lawsuit, if necessary.

Some employees may be eligible to file third party claims. Third party claims are filed against responsible parties outside of a worker’s compensation claim. For example, if a construction worker was hit by a car while working at a construction site, the worker may be able to file a claim against a negligent driver. Some third-party claims involve manufacturers and distributors of faulty tools or equipment.

If you have been injured while working, call Reid Law Firm. Attorney Timm Reid is an experienced Des Moines IA injury lawyer who will fight to help you get the compensation that you deserve for your on-the-job injury. Contact Reid Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.