Car Accidents: Not At-Fault for the Accident

Being involved in an auto accident is a serious occurrence. If you were not the one who was at fault for the accident, there is no reason you should be footing all the bills for it. You have high medical costs to cover as well as the income you have lost from your job while recuperating in the hospital. Someone needs to pay these bills and it ought to be the one who caused the accident in the first place.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Stuck on the Hook for Your Medical Costs

Recovering from the injuries you received in your accident will take time. But it may end up costing you a great deal of money as well. You may already have used up all of the sick and vacation days that your employer will allow you. As a result, you may have been fired from your job. Now you have no way to make your car and home payments.

Your insurance company may not be helping you at all. They may have offered you a settlement that is less than satisfactory. In fact, even though you were not at fault for the accident, they may even have tried to offer you nothing at all. In a situation like this, you need to call your Des Moines car accident lawyer.

Contact Attorney Timm Reid at the Reid Law Firm

Don’t just pick out an attorney at random. Your best bet is to get in touch with the Des Moines car accident lawyer who has an excellent record for getting you the settlement you need to pay your bills. 

Attorney Timm Reid of the Reid Law Firm is here to help you settle your case and clear your name. He will also help you get the damages you need to regain your financial independence. Contact us today to get the details.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of others and filed a personal injury lawsuit, you are eager to see it conclude. With mounting medical bills, lost wages from being unable to work, and never-ending pain and suffering, gaining compensation is at the top of your priority list. Unfortunately, most personal injury cases are complex, thus resulting in lawsuits that take months or even years to settle. If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit and have questions about its timeline, turn to Des Moines IA personal injury attorneys at the Reid Law Firm for guidance.

Medical Treatment/Attorney Consultation
In these situations, getting medical treatment for your injuries and speaking with an attorney are done immediately following the accident. In many cases, attorney Timm Reid will meet with you in the hospital if necessary, which can speed up the process of filing the lawsuit.

Filing the Lawsuit
Once the lawsuit is filed, it can take several months to gather the necessary evidence and responses from a defendant, their attorney, and insurance companies. Generally, once the Reid Law Firm serves the necessary documents to a defendant, it can take 60 days or perhaps more for them to respond, especially in very complex cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Also known as mediation, this stage is where Des Moines IA personal injury attorneys use mediation in an attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement. More often than not, this technique works, especially if your attorney has overwhelming evidence against the defendant. In these situations, it will be cheaper for an insurance company to pay a reasonable settlement, rather than risk a jury trial where they may be ordered to pay much more to the victims.

Since these cases can be time-consuming and complicated, rely on the services of attorney Timm Reid to help ensure your legal rights are protected throughout your lawsuit.

Have you recently received serious injuries as the result of someone else’s negligence or incompetence? There doesn’t need to be any kind of malice involved for you to have a case here. Your injury may have been due to a slip and fall accident due to someone leaving grease on the floor and not bothering to mop it up. 

You Are Fully Entitled to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit 

Your accident may have been caused by a drunk or distracted driver or a bike rider who wasn’t watching where they were going. Regardless of how it happened, one thing is clear: You have received injuries that required medical attention. Your bills are now mounting up and someone needs to pay them. And that someone should not be you. 

The best thing you can do under these circumstances is to file a personal injury lawsuit. This may be the only way for you to get the coverage you need to settle all of your outstanding bills and avoid having to file for bankruptcy. 

The Time to Contact a Des Moines Personal Injury Attorney is Now

Before you go any further, you need to be on the phone with a Des Moines personal injury attorney. You can contact attorney Timm Reid from the Reid Law Firm to get started. This is the ally who will stand with you to make sure that you get the full settlement that you are entitled to in order to cover all of your expenses. 

Don’t let yourself be a victim. You’ve already had to deal with serious pain and suffering. The last thing you need is to let your employer or insurance company add insult to your injuries. Attorney Timm Reid from the Reid Law Firm is here to make sure that you get everything you need to settle your bills. Call today for more info.

Placing an aged relative under the supervision of a nursing home is never easy. These are people that you care very deeply about and don’t want to abandon. You may suffer feelings of inadequacy or guilt that can grow even worse if you suspect they are being abused or neglected. 

What Can You Do if You Suspect Your Loved One is Being Neglected?
There are several signs that you need to be on the lookout for. If your relative is suddenly uncommunicative or unresponsive or begins to look tired or fatigued, you should get help immediately. If they seem to have lost weight or are not interested in eating, this is another sign of possible neglect.

If they suddenly have unexplained bruises, cuts, or bed sores, this is a definite sign of abuse that you need to put a stop to immediately. Your best bet is to get the help of a qualified team of Des Moines nursing home abuse lawyers from the Reid Law Firm.

Contact the Reid Law Firm to Put a Stop to Nursing Home Neglect 
If you suspect or have evidence that your relative may have suffered abuse or neglect, you need to call in a team of expert Des Moines nursing home abuse lawyers. You can count on Attorney Timm Reid to get to the bottom of the matter and hold the guilty parties to full account. 

The sooner you act on your suspicions of abuse or neglect, the better. The health and wellness of your elderly relative may be at stake. Get in touch with Attorney Timm Reid to get them the help they need to end their needless suffering at the hands of incompetent or negligent nursing home staff. The time for you to act is now. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help you and your loved one.

Property owners have a responsibility to protect customers, visitors and others who come onto their premises from physical harm, and they can be held financially liable when omissions in this area result in accidents and injuries. The victims of such mishaps may consider taking legal action, but they will need the services of a Des Moines injury lawyer to ensure that they are treated fairly. They can find such help from the Reid Law Firm.

Understanding Premises Liability
Under the “duty of care” principle, property owners need to recognize obvious hazards and either correct them or at least warn others of the threat. These are some common threats that fall under the rules of premises liability:

•The accumulation of water or other substances on surfaces
•Ice or snow accumulating on walkways during the winter months
•Unsecured objects that could fall from shelves or other high places
•Potholes in parking lots or walking areas
•Flawed railings on stairways
•Aggressive animals

Such threats can result in a variety of injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, muscle sprains and brain trauma. Some injuries can even be fatal.

Proving a Personal Injury Case
An injured victim must prove that the property owner was responsible for protecting the victim and breached that responsibility. There must also be evidence that the breach was directly responsible for the injury. Working out these issues will require intervention by a Des Moines injury lawyer.

Seeking Monetary Damages
In cases that are proven, damages may be sought to cover medical expenses and to replace lost wages. They may also be sought to compensate for the pain and suffering related to an injury. In order to help guarantee that the damages awarded are sufficient, those involved in premises liability cases should consider contacting the Reid Law Firm.

Personal injury cases can be complicated and lengthy. To potentially resolve a personal injury case without the need to go to trial, you may be able to resolve the claim through mediation. If you decide to mediate, it is important that you have the assistance of an experienced Des Moines mediator who understands the law and knows how to facilitate resolution.

What is mediation?
Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where a neutral and independent individual works with the plaintiff and defendant to facilitate compromise. A mediation will hear the contentions of each party and work to find common ground to work toward a settlement agreement.

A Des Moines mediator can provide an outside perspective on your claim to help you identify various strengths and weaknesses in your case. They will also work with the other party to do the same. Because a personal injury case revolves around a specific dollar figure, a mediator will consider the general and special damages to help determine whether the amount of your claim is reasonable.

Why use an attorney as a mediator?
When an attorney acts as a mediator, they provide are able to draw upon their experience and expertise in personal injury law to help assess different aspects of the claim. An attorney will know what settlement amounts are common under similar circumstances as your case. 

Because an attorney mediator has experience in personal injury cases, they will be able to respond appropriately to different tactics and defense used to try and challenge a claim. This can be beneficial if you are negotiating with a defendant who is reluctant to compromise.

Mediation can be a cost-effective alternative to trial and gives you greater control over the outcome. If you are going through a personal injury case, then consider a mediator from the Reid Law Firm. Call us at the Reid Law Firm to learn more.