Handling Dangerous Pharmaceutical Cases

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Handling Dangerous Pharmaceutical Cases

Product Liability for Prescription Drug Side Effects

Every year brings new miracle drugs that treat or stave off serious health conditions. The pharmaceutical industry pours billions of dollars into research and billions more into marketing because brand name recognition and endorsement by prescribing physicians translates to enormous profit potential.

Unfortunately, safety is not always the foremost consideration. In the pursuit of profit, unsafe prescription medications are put on the market despite known side effects or before they have been adequately tested for the long-term effects. Reid Law Firm represents people who have suffered harm from dangerous and defective drugs.

If you or a family member was harmed by a recalled drug, or if you believe that your health problems are connected to a prescribed medication, contact us today for a free consultation about your possible claims.

Iowa Pharmaceutical Lawyer

The drug companies have been forced to recall hundreds of different medications in recent years, including defective drugs linked to death, stroke, heart attack, organ damage and other serious or permanent injury. In most cases, it is not feasible for one patient or even one law firm to sue a giant pharmaceutical company. By banding together, the victims of dangerous pharmaceuticals have better odds of obtaining justice.

Reid Law Firm serves as Iowa counsel for mass tort actions against drug manufacturers. We are currently involved in two large-scale class actions involving:

  • Yaz and Yasmin, the birth control pills made and marketed by Bayer HealthCare and linked to life-threatening side effects such as blood clots and stroke
  • Fosamax, the osteoporosis medicine manufactured by Merck & Co., which may cause a bone disorder that causes femur fractures and other serious harm

Our firm has handled other pharmaceutical claims in the past and welcomes inquiries about other current tort actions involving any dangerous drug.

Des Moines Lawyers for Dangerous Drugs Litigation

Our attorneys can determine if you qualify to join a pharmaceutical class action. We have the knowledge and experience to properly document your use of the drug and the harm you have suffered so that you can be compensated accordingly if the case is settled. We can also gauge the merits of an individual lawsuit under various scenarios such as a mass tort action that has already settled or a new class of claims.

Free Consultation Regarding Your Consumer Rights and Possible Claims

Our trial lawyers have decades of experience and the resources to pursue justice in these cases. We also maintain strong connections with other law firms that handle product liability litigation. To discuss your legal rights and potential case with our Iowa pharmaceutical lawyer, request a free case evaluation today.

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