Zimmer Durom Hip Cup

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Zimmer Durom Hip Cup

Hip Implant Failure Litigation

When people accept a medical device implant like a hip replacement, the expectation is that the device will be safe and will work as promised. Too many people, however, have suffered serious illnesses and injuries as a result of Zimmer’s Durom Cup hip replacements. Although the company voluntarily recalled the product in 2008, untold damage had already been done to victims who were seriously injured by these hip replacements.

Zimmer Holdings Inc. is a major medical device manufacturer, seasoned in defending against personal injury lawsuits. If you have suffered injuries from Durom Cup hip implants, it is important to work with an attorney experienced in handling this type of litigation. At Reid Law Firm, we have the experience and skill to help you through every stage of your case and to help you obtain full compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

At Reid Law Firm, we have more than 25 years of civil litigation experience. The highest priorities for our Des Moines hip recall attorneys are helping our injured clients recover and making our state a safer place. We will maintain the lines of communication and remain with you through every step of your case.

Metal-on-Metal Injuries and Pain

Similar to DePuy implants, the major problem with the Zimmer Durom Cup implants is the metal-on-metal ball and socket construction. As the device moves, the metal rubs together and leaves microscopic shards in the patient’s leg. This often causes severe pain, infection and the need for expensive revision surgery, and if the metals get into the bloodstream, it can cause even more serious complications or wrongful death.

You have every right to expect that medical devices marketed to the public should be safe, and you deserve to be compensated for lost wages, medical costs, and the pain and suffering you have endured. We can help.

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