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Experienced Iowa Trucking Accident Lawyers

When semi truck drivers and trucking companies are negligent, they put everyone on the road at risk. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, about 50 serious tractor-trailer accidents cause death or major injury every year in the state — this is far too many.

Semi Tractor-Trailer Crash Victim Attorney

At the law firm of Reid Law Firm, in Des Moines, we work every day to make Iowa safer. Through personal injury and wrongful death litigation, we hold people and companies accountable for the injuries they cause.

If you have been injured or if a loved one has been killed in a serious accident involving a tractor-trailer, contact our offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Attorneys With the Experience to Get Results

Legal claims pertaining to trucking accidents are often more complex than those arising from other motor vehicle accidents. With more than a quarter of a century of experience representing injured people, our attorneys understand the complexities and challenges of trucking accident cases.

When we accept a personal injury or wrongful death case involving an 18-wheeler, we are fully prepared to devote the necessary resources. We recognize the importance of a comprehensive investigation and aggressive pursuit of compensation.

There may be many factors contributing to a trucking accident case — and in turn, there may be many potential sources of liability.

  • The driver may have been driving too fast for the weather conditions, or may have been on the road for too many hours
  • The truck may have been improperly maintained and/or contained defective parts, such as brakes, wheels or tires
  • A trucking company may have been negligent when hiring the driver
  • The city or county may not have proper safety guards in place, such as adequate signs or functioning guard rails
  • The load may have been improperly secured, making the truck unwieldy

We will thoroughly examine all possible causes of the accident and all potential sources of liability. In all of our work, we are constantly striving to make Iowa safer. Pursuing full and fair compensation for injuries encourages companies and individuals to take the necessary steps to prevent future harm.

To schedule a free initial consultation with our experienced Iowa trucking accident lawyers after a truck wreck, contact our truck accident law office today.

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