Iowa Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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Iowa Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyer

First of all, if you have suffered ill effects in your life because of sex abuse by anyone — whether by a family member, a teacher, a Boy Scout leader or summer camp counselor — you have our sympathy. Rest assured that if you consult with our Iowa clergy sexual abuse lawyer regarding sex abuse from your past, we will protect your privacy, keep your discussion with us strictly confidential and help you explore all appropriate options for taking legal action. We will do everything we can to ensure that your identity is kept confidential throughout the legal process.

Clergy, Counselor or Teacher Sex Abuse Victims Have Legal Remedies

A sex abuse survivor often deals with feelings of shame and confusion for some period of time. Later, that person may encounter unexpected emotional difficulties in relationships, even in an otherwise rewarding relationship with a loving spouse. It is often in consultation with a psychologist or doctor that the negative impact of the past sex abuse comes to light.

The bad news is that effects of sex abuse in one’s child may linger for a lifetime. The good news is that many sex abuse victims are finally experiencing relief and recovery through exposure of the abuse. Lawsuits against clergy and the religious organizations that harbored them have enabled many sufferers to gain a sense of closure and finally feel that justice has been done, even years after the fact.

Ordinary Statutes of Limitations Do Not Apply, Say the Courts

It is important to understand the usual statutes of limitations for filing lawsuits do not apply in cases of child sex abuse. Courts of law have demonstrated an understanding of the unique nature of child sexual abuse. Typically, a child does not fully grasp what has happened or does not find sympathetic adults who will believe his or her story and take appropriate action. A lawyer can advise you on how to seek redress for wrongs done even years ago.

Contact an Iowa Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Are you a victim of clergy sex abuse seeking legal pathways to healing? Through a successful lawsuit, you may recover the funds that you need to get therapy that can help you cope with effects of the abuse. Contact an Iowa clergy sexual abuse lawyer at the law offices of Reid Law Firm for more information.

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