Multi-District Drug Litigation

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Multi-District Drug Litigation

As a person who has been harmed by a defective drug or medical product, you have the right to claim compensation for your financial losses and pain and suffering. This is accomplished through a lawsuit, in which you present evidence concerning the product’s defect and how it harmed you. Your claim can be a stand-alone action, be included with others in multi-district litigation or be included in class action litigation. Reid Law Firm is a team of experienced drug litigation lawyers that provides results-oriented representation for people who have been harmed by defective drugs, defective medical products and other types of corporate negligence.

The Advantages of Multi-District Litigation

In multi-district litigation, civil claims of a similar nature that involve common questions of fact and law are grouped together. Once those basic questions have been answered in the pretrial phase, the individual lawsuits are then transferred back to the courts in the jurisdictions in which they originated if the claims are not settled in the multi-district phase.

The multi-district approach provides many advantages in cases involving defective drugs and medical devices. The most significant of these advantages include the following:

Efficiencies in discovery and testimony by experts — Drug and medical device product liability cases require highly technical investigations by experts in biomedical disciplines. These investigations can be very costly. The multi-district approach spreads these expenses over many cases, putting more money in the pockets of a claimant once he or she receives a settlement or verdict.

You retain the right to seek compensation for your specific losses — If the multi-district case is not settled, it will return to the original court. In either situation, you retain the right to seek compensation and justice for the specific wrongs done to you.

Experienced Advocates for Injured People

Reid Law Firm has represented many people who have been harmed by defective medical devices and drugs. Our experience includes numerous individual cases as well as multi-district litigation cases. We will use our experience and advocacy skills to seek full compensation for you.

Free Consultation With a Lawyer

Contact Reid Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa, to discuss a multi-district drug litigation case with your trusted and experienced drug litigation lawyers.

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