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Des Moines Car Wreck Lawyers

The causes of wrong-way and crossover collisions vary, but the results are often catastrophic for all involved. The force and impact of these severe accidents often leave families grieving a wrongful death, or drivers and passengers coping with injuries that change their lives forever.

Polk County Changing-Lanes Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been involved in a crossover collision or other serious motor vehicle accident anywhere in Iowa, we want you to exercise your legal rights and get all the compensation you deserve. Our firm, Reid Law Firm, is a proven resource for accident victims statewide, with a 25-year track record of positive results achieved through negotiations and at trial.

Determining Cause and Liability in Major Auto Crashes

Many crossover collisions involve some form of extreme negligence or egregious behavior. Our experience extends to drunk driving accidents and those caused by texting or other distracted driving, as well as cases of improper signage, drivers failing to obey road signs or drivers passing unsafely on two-lane highways.

You can count on our Iowa crossover collision attorneys to investigate your crash thoroughly, assess all avenues for you to recover compensation, and represent you with skill and passion. We deploy accident reconstruction experts and other qualified professionals as necessary to build and present the strongest case possible for you, and our attorneys succeed by preparing each case for a possible trial.

Consult Free With a Caring, Results-Oriented Injury Lawyer

We have recovered many millions of dollars in compensation for car accident victims, and we also take seriously an obligation to promote safe driving practices and a safer Iowa overall. Whether you are grieving after a tragic highway crash or facing your own lengthy physical and overall recovery from serious injuries, please contact us today. You can benefit from a free initial consultation and legal action based on decades of experience.

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