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Des Moines Auto Accident Attorney

The auto accident attorney of the Iowa law offices of Reid Law Firm advocate on behalf of people who have been injured as a result of road hazards such as dangerous intersections or railroad crossings.

Iowa Dangerous Intersections — Reid Law Firm

We encourage motorists to be proactive in safeguarding their own well-being when traveling on Iowa’s streets and highways. At the same time, the firm stands behind those who have suffered as a result of the negligence of municipalities and state agencies responsible for maintaining and controlling the state’s roadways.

When the roads become dangerous or defective as a result of the negligence of a government agency, Reid Law Firm holds them legally responsible. Dangerous and defective roadways may cause vehicle accidents due to negligence such as the following:

  • Inadequate or insufficient notification of impending conditions such as construction zones, merging traffic or hazardous weather conditions
  • Failure to inspect and maintain soft shoulders to prevent edge rut and other dangerous conditions
  • Potholes which have not been repaired in a timely fashion
  • Dangerous intersections which have not been modified despite past indications of hazard
  • Inadequate or insufficient notification of changes in the shoulder
  • Inadequately marked highway divisions such as line striping and edge lines

Iowans who have been injured as a result of a dangerous or defective roadway may have a cause of action for a lawsuit against a municipality and/or a state agency. Any government agencies responsible for maintaining the road are potential sources of compensation.

Liability cases involving dangerous or defective roadways can be complex. Expert testimony is typically necessary, along with in-depth investigation of the accident, the road conditions and the alleged negligence.

It is important for Iowans who have been injured or lost a family member in a car accident caused by dangerous or defective roadways to contact an experienced Des Moines auto accident attorney.

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