Des Moines Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

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Des Moines Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

The destruction caused and lives lost due to drunk driving have been recognized and publicized for many decades now. Yet we still hear all too frequently about fatal and tragic accidents caused by this egregious behavior. We are citizens and drivers as well as Des Moines dedicated drunk driving accident attorneys, and we understand the grief and outrage you may feel if you have become a victim.

Polk County Drunk Driving Victim Case Lawyers

Drunk or drugged driving is a crime, and we actively track DUI and other criminal cases in order to best represent our clients in litigation targeting fair and just financial recoveries. Your recovery is the focus at Reid Law Firm. For over 25 years, victims of others’ recklessness have turned to our law firm for help and been well served.

Knowledge to Build Your Case and Help You Recover Damages

Our legal team and a network of close professional associates are prepared to handle all aspects of your case, from investigation and reconstruction to analysis of evidence and representation through trial if necessary. Your Iowa drunk driving accident lawyer will find and pursue all sources of compensation for you, including:

  • All applicable insurance coverage — including liability coverage for the person who caused the alcohol-related accident, but also your own coverage after a crash involving an uninsured driver
  • Payment of your medical expenses and lost wages through the Crime Victim Assistance Program in situations where these costs might otherwise not be covered while you pursue litigation

Talk With a Caring, Experienced Attorney Today About Your Legal Options

We believe in justice and the power of people to recover from the greatest adversity. Our efforts are focused on delivering for our valued clients and constantly promoting a safer Iowa. If you or a family member has become a drunk driving accident victim, we encourage you to request a free consultation at our firm today.

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