Iowa Forceps Birth Injury Lawyers

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Iowa Birth Injury Lawyers

One of the most traumatic and devastating events parents can face is serious injury to their child during delivery. When the outcome is permanent disability or disfigurement, the need for infant surgery, or the wrongful death of a newborn, every decision made and medical technique employed should be carefully examined.

Des Moines Birth Injury Lawyers

Doctors and other health care professionals may be liable for medical malpractice when they fail to adhere to a reasonable standard of care during childbirth. Our attorneys’ experience in a range of birth injury cases has prepared us well to evaluate your potential case based on our knowledge of the law and the findings of top-quality medical experts.

Thorough Case Investigation and Analysis by Qualified Medical Professionals

An obstetrician may utilize an array of techniques and instruments during delivery, each with its own applications, cautionary measures and risks. Critical steps before and during delivery include:

  • Accurate assessment of the baby’s size and position, along with other factors, to determine whether a C-section (cesarean) should be offered or performed to minimize injury risk
  • Appropriate, timely decisions about the use of operative techniques such as forceps or vacuum extraction during a difficult delivery
  • Informed consent and skilled use of the technique and instruments selected in order to minimize known risks of brain damage, shoulder dystocia, eye injuries and other severe birth trauma

Proven Trial Lawyers Who Will Focus on Your Case and Your Future

Birth injury lawsuits and other medical malpractice cases are almost always vigorously contested by doctors, hospitals and insurers. Our focus is on establishing a clear account of what happened and whether actionable medical malpractice occurred, in order to provide you with sound legal guidance.

When our Iowa birth injury lawyers at Reid Law Firm take action for medical malpractice victims, they target sizable financial recoveries that make a meaningful difference in victims’ lives going forward. Beginning with a free consultation, we will treat you with compassion throughout our efforts to assess your case, establish its value and recover compensation for you.

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