Auto Accidents Involving Iowa Teens; Driver Experience Questioned

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Auto Accidents Involving Iowa Teens; Driver Experience Questioned

Recently a 16 year old Iowa teenager was killed in an automobile accident while traveling on Highway 38 near Wilton. Sadly, the teen was traveling to the scene of another Iowa motor vehicle accident involving her teenage friend. The 16-year-old lost control of her vehicle, was ejected and died from her injuries.

These tragic accidents involving the two Iowa teenagers highlight the increased incidence of automobile accidents involving young drivers.

There are several reasons why a teenager may be involved in an accident, including:

Driving Distracted

Many young drivers do not pay full attention to the road, instead interacting with other young passengers or using a cell phone to call or text while driving. Distracted driving makes these young drivers, who are already less experienced at the wheel, more likely to make a mistake on the road.

Lack of Skill

It takes time to accrue experience and safe-driving abilities and young drivers need time to master these skills. Also, some of the hand-eye coordination that gets developed over the years by experienced motorists are just in the infancy stages of development.

Risk Taking and Poor Hazard Detection

Often young drivers do not have the driving wherewithal to understand when hazards exist in a driving situation. In these situations, many times poor choices are made.

No matter the age of the driver, most accidents are avoidable by utilizing safe driving practices and observing traffic regulations. The serious injuries and potential loss of life that arises when these common sense practices are not employed is too large of a risk to overlook.

All drivers should do their best to uphold what is in the best interest of themselves, their passengers and others who share the road so that needless injury and loss of life does not occur.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving an inexperienced driver, contact our Des Moines personal injury attorney today to discuss your case.

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