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Des Moines Bicycle Accident Lawyer

All across Iowa, it is becoming more important than ever for motorists and bicyclists to share the roadways safely. We are accustomed to seeing bicycles as part of an active lifestyle — and watching out for children on bikes and adults out for exercise or commuting to work is something we all need to do.If you or a family member has been struck on a bicycle and injured, it can be critical to get an experienced attorney involved. Insurance coverage issues can be especially complex in these cases, especially if injuries are severe, the accident was a hit and run or an uninsured motorist was involved. Iowans statewide can turn to our proven trial lawyers at Reid Law Firm for skilled legal representation after bicycle accidents.

Experienced Lawyers for Serious Injury Litigation and Insurance Negotiations

We recognize that bicycle accidents can occur on city streets, two-lane highways and rural roads, or even along a trail system. RAGBRAI riders have been severely injured in the past. We also know that the impact of a bike crash can be devastating, with victims sometimes suffering permanent injuries that may mean lost wages as well as overwhelming medical costs.

Your case may call for a Des Moines bicycle accident lawyer prepared to thoroughly investigate the case and determine all your potential sources of compensation. Our legal team contributes to our clients’ recovery through close attention to their medical needs, and we call on a network of experts to establish the maximum value for our clients’ claims.

Request a Free Consultation to Address Your Needs and Legal Concerns

If you, your child, or another family member has been injured in a bicycle accident — or you are grieving a tragic loss — we encourage you to consult our law firm today. You can depend on sound legal guidance and a total commitment to supporting your recovery through effective legal action.

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