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Des Moines Uninsured Motorist Lawyer

In a tough economy, people are forced to make tough decisions and work to cut expenses wherever they can. Unfortunately, too many people skimp on car insurance, failing to carry sufficient liability insurance to cover damages they cause — or they drop insurance altogether and drive illegally without it.

Underinsured Motorist Lawyers

Our statewide Iowa personal injury lawyers have helped many victims of accidents caused by uninsured drivers, hit-and-run drivers, negligent companies and other parties. Our commitment to building a safer Iowa extends to taking strong action when an accident victim needs and deserves significant financial compensation to cope with injuries or loss.

In-Depth Insurance Knowledge: We Find and Analyze Coverage for You

Auto insurance becomes a very technical area when an uninsured or underinsured motorist causes a crash. All too often, other types of negligence are involved, as with drunk driving accidents. Our firm’s quarter-century of focused experience can be a critical asset for you if you have serious injuries and need to recover compensation. Attaining the best outcome for you may involve:

  • Determining whether insurance coverage is available under your own or family members’ policies
  • Preserving any potential claims after an accident by taking necessary steps required by your insurance policy
  • Understanding the interaction between multiple policies — and filing multiple lawsuits if necessary to hold liable parties accountable
  • Carefully tracking and projecting damages ranging from your medical expenses and lost wages to future rehabilitation and care needs, in order to properly value your case

Request a Free Consultation on Your Auto Accident Case

You can turn to us at Reid Law Firm with confidence that we will carefully assess your accident, claim and potential case — however complex the challenge may seem, if your accident is not covered by the negligent driver’s insurance. A Des Moines uninsured motorist lawyer at our firm will know how to build your case for the best attainable outcome.

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