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West Des Moines Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Springtime in Iowa brings new life, new freshness and a renewal of outdoor activity each year. Motorcycling accidents are, unfortunately, also likely to occur anew when traffic safety precautions are neglected. Motorists often say they “didn’t see” a motorcycle before a collision.

Experienced Polk County Motorcycle Accident Attorney — Reid Law Firm

If you have been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident in Iowa – whether you are the motorcyclist, or the driver of a car or truck – contact an Iowa lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

After our first meeting with a client who has been injured in a motorcycle crash, our Des Moines motorcycle accident attorney is ready to begin a thorough investigation into the following:

  • The circumstances of the accident
  • The nature of the injury, or injuries
  • All available medical records
  • All sources of liability
  • The actual losses of the injured person, including lost wages
  • Estimates of future costs, such as vocational rehabilitation
  • Human factors such as the loss of freedom and the ability to enjoy life
    • The loss of parental guidance, when a child is a surviving family member
    • The loss of companionship, when a spouse is left behind

Money can never adequately compensate for human factors such as loss of the freedom of movement in the event of a brain injury or spinal cord injury. However, money is the medium by which the law allows a victim to recover damages from a negligent or liable person, company or organization. Recognizing this truth, the law offices of Reid Law Firm engage experts as necessary to build the strongest possible case for compensation for each of our motorcycle accident victim clients.

The Des Moines motorcycle accident attorney at Reid Law Firm recognize that there is more to our lives than the money we make at our jobs. We believe that our clients work to live, rather than live to work. We are committed to communicating clearly to insurers and juries the full impact of the pain and suffering that our clients endure.

Full compensation for both financial and intangible losses of our clients is the driving force behind the law practice of the lawyers of Reid Law Firm. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation.

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