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Iowa Inadequate Security Lawyer

When you do business in a shopping center, visit professionals in an office complex or park your car in a university parking garage, you have the right to expect property owners and managers to take proper precautions to protect your safety. If you were assaulted or suffered a serious slip-and-fall injury in a retail or office facility, in an apartment building, or in a school or hospital, you should ask a premises liability attorney to review the circumstances and determine whether inadequate security was a key factor.

Premises Liability Law Firm Serving Iowa — Inadequate Security — Attorney Consultations Are Free

Were you attacked in a dark corridor or at a bus stop where security personnel and cameras should have offered you some security, but did not? Was there inadequate lighting or surveillance at the scene where you were injured? Talk to a premises liability attorney to learn how you can protect your right to be properly compensated.

Beware property managers or their insurers who ask you to accept a quick settlement. Their interests and yours are at odds. They naturally want to minimize financial losses. You, on the other hand, may still not know the full extent of your injuries or how long you will have to miss work as you recover.

Contact a Des Moines Premises Liability Attorney

Entrust your legal questions to a lawyer with ample experience advocating on behalf of injured people in Iowa. At Reid Law Firm, we normally represent accident victims on a contingency basis. This means that our premises liability attorney’s interests are aligned with yours. By contrast, insurers’ interests may be in opposition to your long-term well-being after a serious injury has taken place on retail, office or residential property. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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